Tuesday, 27 November 2018

All the noggins are in place and the top of the top plank is cleaned off and te ccabin side too

All the noggins are in place and are ready to plane off and level the top  plank and the carlins and gunwales.

The top of the hull and the cabin side are now clear of the old sealant and glue so that there is a clean surface for the plywood to glue down on to as well as sealing the edge of the plywood against the cabin side and on to the top edge of the top plank as well 

One of the jobs to do tomorrow is to set a piece of plank into the area of rotten wood which as been removed.

At the same time there will be repairs done to the aft deck beam behind the cockpit coaming and also the deck beam on the transom side after the area of rot is remove from the top of the transom.

So there as been a lot done over the past few days, however there is a lot to do before the plywood arrives later in the week.

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