Friday, 2 November 2018

Jasmine the halcyon dinghy in the workshop for work to its leaking centreboard case and keel area

Having picked her up from her owner's sailing club, it was back to the workshop this afternoon to get on with the repairs to her leaking centreboard case and also to find out if the problem was due to any other reason around the centreboard area.

So the first job was to turn the dinghy over on to its deck and so it will be possible to work on the keel and garboard plank area where the problem is most likely to be the root of the problem with its leaks in this area

The first job was to remove all the brass keel band off the outer keel to expose the centreboard fixings 

The centreboard fixing are set about four inches apart and are 3 1/2 inches bronze screws ad having looked at the keel area many have broken heads or have rotted away after 50 + years and are in need of replacing 

There is also a bit of damage to the centreboard slot which will be replaced when the outer keel is renewed as part of the repairs to the keel and centreboard 

Not a nice sight inside the centreboard slot and is possibly one of the reasons for the leaks, however it will be investigated next week when the extent of the damage is highlighted when it is taken apart.

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