Monday, 20 August 2018

Today was all about wiring up systems and checking through wiring circuits

Most of today was spent wiring up old systems and checking wiring circuits to see which systems were working and which were not and checking the reasons why and re-running new wire through parts of the boat which needed doing  where the old wiring had past it being able to run correctly.

The rest of the day was spent running new wiring through the boat for new equipment which is being fitted to the boat, such as wind speed and direction system and forward viewing sonar/ fish finder and a new VHF radio with builtin GPS. Then on top of that a TV for the owner children to watch when they are moored up for the night. A other new addition to the boat is a large solar panel to keep the batteries topped up and finally a shower in the toilet compartment  which will be heated by both the engine when away from the shore power and can be heated by shore power when in marinas. 

So tomorrow it is going to be another day of sorting and fitting new and old systems and getting the systems to talk to each other where the systems are set up too.

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