Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Making a start on rebuilding the battery locker and make it back to its original size.

Cleaning the battery locker area to check out the positions of all the parts going into this locker and what is not going back in after it is rebuild. 

The pedestal is now removed to make room for the mock up of the  helmsman seat to be made and fitted in position to make sure it is in the correct position when the battery locker is remade

The cleating made and fitted round the original position of the battery locker front bulkhead and the locker is more than large enough to hold the batteries and battery charger in position.

The old front cut down to fit the original position of the battery locker 

The same as been done to the top and these can be used as patterns for the new teak faced marine plywood replacements 

Once this locker is made up, the mock-up of the helmsman seat locker can be made and set up in position to sort out where the locker as to be, how far back or forward it needs to come in its final position..

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