Monday, 13 August 2018

The Hardy 25 cockpit locker tops are now re-made and are ready to fit again

The new marine plywood locker lids have now been made and fitted 

both port and starboard locker lids have been made and cut so that there will be a fixed part closest to the hull side and the part closest to the engine box will be a hinged part to gain access to these locker to store loose items in and also the diesel heater in the port side locker and the battery charger in the starboard locker behind build in lockers of their own

New hardwood rails have been made and fixed with bolts to the grp framework of the cockpit moulding and the other rails have been glued and screwed to the marine plywood fixed part of the cockpit locker lids

Before any of the lids can be fixed in position the cockpit carpet linings will have to be renewed with new carpet linings to match the new linings going in the cabin and the rest of the boat

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