Thursday, 2 August 2018

So the jigsaw puzzle begins, putting the parts back together again.

A pile of cockpit panels which either have to go back in or get replaced with new paneling 

One of the easier panels to re-fix as it is part of the original boat construction which was adapted  at some time in the past to have the boat have a larger than standard tank.

The wooden panel although it was original as seen better days and will be replaced and the cover for the tank will be modified to be in one piece as it was when it left Hardy Marine in 1983 when this boat was built. 

The new panel will be made to have a bottom in it over the tank, however, on the upper part it wll be a locker for storage.

The next job in the cockpit will be the battery locker and the battery management systems to get it up to date and user friendly. To convert this area into a battery locker that can be used.

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