Wednesday, 22 August 2018

The varnishing on the finesse 24 cabin sides and coaming is coming along well.and other jobs

The owner is getting the coats of varnish on the cabin sides and coamings and is building up the coats so that Simon can get on with laying the new fore cabin roof and make repairs to the main cabin roof and the deck beams.

The last time these cabin sides possibly looked as good was when she was originally build forty five years ago

With a good sander and time the cabin sides and coamings have come up well 

P.S. the owner also removing the propeller to get ready to remove the outer cutlass bearing on the outboard end of the stern tube as it is worn out and there is too much movement in the bearing to leave in place. Now the propeller is removed the owner can now go about removing the old bearing and have a new bearing fitted into the original outer casing and then refitting it to the yacht once the job is completed.

Other work done today was getting the Hardy 25 navigation light and radar reflector mast base fitted back on the deck and sorting out the wiring for the light and ordering a new anchor light to go on the mast and then sorting out how and where to fit the TV Ariel to the mast as well as the wind speed and direction mast unit as well. 

While this was going on the company apprentice was put to work on the work's classic yacht to start on the major repairs that need done to get this yacht basck in the water for next spring. 

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