Friday, 24 August 2018

Continuing work on the Classic yacht restoration and putting the Hardy 25 battery locker back together as it was when it left the hardy marine yard

The cabin front beam end of the port side spilt as the iron knee connecting to the gunwale was trying to be removed. It is not a major problem as the  whole area needs rebuilding and the cabin side and front need raising up about 2 inches to line up with the rest of the deck camber and the water to flow off the decks and not to pond as it does at the moment.

Some major reconstruction needed in this area of the yacht where the chain plates and deck beams come together and the major loading comes together.

Need to lengthen the rib to the deck as this one was put in short of the deck the top plank is un-supported 

A clean up needed in the bow and in the general area of the bow so that it can be seen what is needed to be removed and replaced  

One of the bunk front bulkheads that need to come out so that the work on the deck beams can continue 

Finally the battery locker is looking more like it should do, a little bit compact, however more like it was when it left Hardy Marine in the early 1980's when she was build. Although the battery charger was not standard when the boat was build it was where they were position if it was in there as standard. The only bit of equipment left to put in the locker is the 240 volt fuse box for the shore power. Once that is in position then the shore power circuit can be installed. 

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