Tuesday, 7 August 2018

The old headlining panels out of the cockpit roof and the Finesse 24 cabin sides sanded down

The old cockpit roof panels have been taken out because they are warped and are covered with the wrong material for the panels. 

Because of the extra weight of the carpet lining which is used to line out the boat hull it should not be used to cover overhead panels. Simply too much weight on thin plywood panels 

The underside of the carpets 

The panel under the toilet compartment sink is the correct material and weights about 1/3 of the weight of the other material

The owner of the Finesse 24 was over at the workshop and he as done a great job of getting the colour back into the cabin sides and will look a lot better with a few coats of varnish on them.

Just got to remove the varnish off the cabin front and the small upstand on the cabin roof and then the whole of the cabin sides will be done and the owner can get on a varnish the cabin sides and build up the coats of varnish before the yacht goes out of the workshop.

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