Friday, 10 August 2018

Work on sanding the cockpit coamings and the transom and work on the Hardy 25

The Transom of the Finesse 24 after the varnish was removed by the owner 

The transom now sanded back to bare wood and having got rid of the oxidised wood and back now to its beautiful reddy brown   colour it was when she was build 45 years ago

The coamings are coming up and back to their original colour as well, one down two more coamings to go

Making a start on this coaming after a short while should be like the other coaming 

All the plywood is now delivered, so now can make a start on covering the forecabin roof and when the repaired are done to the main cabin deck beams this will be 

A small repair to the gas locker lid 

A new cleat to hold the lid down in place 

All sorted and the lock side needs a new barrel for the lock

Another job underway is the cockpit lids and the framework holding the lids and the fixed parts of the locker tops in place, the old parts were either broken or not up to the job and needed renewing with hardwood and glued together.

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