Monday, 6 August 2018

Getting to grips with the wiring on the Hardy 25 and other jobs

The wiring on the Hardy 25 as over the years been added to and spliced into to the point where it is no longer safe to use and the as wires have been clamped and not soldered and the wrong grade of wire as been used. One point was the engine main positive wire which just came apart as soon as it was touched. The wiring around the boat was not run in conduits or at least P clipped in position to take the stress out of the wiring and any joints in the cables, which when not done the joints breaks and the equipment fails when you least want or need it to happen.

So because is back to basics it is time to put right the problem that have been under panelling waiting to happen.

One job that is going to be done over the next few weeks is the making of a mock-up of the helmsman seat/ cockpit lockers which where originally built to housed the batteries and the starboard side  and on the port side the fridge. One job which as had to be outsourced is a new base for the navigation light mast as this is missing. Although one of the team can weld we do not have the equipment or the skill to do stainless steel welding, so this job as been outsourced to a company that can do the job.

Another job that is going to need doing is the recovering of the cockpit headlinings in the wheelhouse roof that as been covered in cabin carpet linings and not roof panelling linings. The cockpit will now be overhauled and made to look a lot better and nearer to what it would have been when she was first build. Ther main thing being the electrical wiring and systems will be up to date and the battery systems will be able to cope with whatever is asked of them and will be safe for years to come.  

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