Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Volvo Penta sterndrive overhaul.

This photo is of the sterndrive from the Princess 25 now off the boat after a battle with nature after it had been on the boat for 30 years.
 This photo shows that we are making a start to dismantle it.
This photo shows the old anode showing it was doing its job. 
The business end of the leg unit in need of a bit of TLC and a repaired propeller before it is put back into commission
This photo shows the transom shield removed from the leg unit after a battle to get the pivot pinds out of the transom shield.
 The leg unit at last removed from the transom shield and will be able to work on it easier.
This photo shows what 30 years of being in the water can do to serial number badges
This photo shows the exhaust coupling removed for cleaning and replacing the rubber o ring.
 This photo shows the hole where the gear shift cable goes through which was U/S and needed replacing due to old age

 The ram unit to trim the leg
This photo shows the pivot pin hole which was a battle of wills to get the old one out
The transom shield in need of a bit of TLC

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