Monday, 30 September 2013

This week at J-Star Boat Services, it is the end of some projects and the begining of new projects

This week it is the end of some long time projects and the start of new projects. The "Jasmine" is now finished and is now going back to the owner for him to do the painting and varnishing over the winter months. He will then being it back in the spring to have a new deck put on it and for the deck gear and mast refitted and rigging sorted out. Then put back in the water and ready to go sailing again.

The other projects that are coming to a close are the narrowboat refit on "Little Doris" until next year when the bedroom and bathroom are sorted out with new side and roof lining. Its owner like "Jasmine" owner wants to do the painting and varnishing themselves.

The Princess 25 refit is coming along well with new windows fitted and then the side and head linings can go in and the cabin will then take shape.

A new project that came in over the past week was a old Hardy Navigator 18 which is in need of a bit of TLC and possibly a little more to get it back on the water next year.

Also will be making a start on the New clinker dinghy this week, getting to grips with shaping the keel and shaping the stem and fitting the stem and apron to the keel. the sorting out the planking.

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