Saturday, 28 September 2013

New windows in Princess 25 and the start of the outdrive overhaul.

This first photo is of the first new window going in the main cabin. It is dry fitted to make sure the sidelining are cut out to size of the new windows a.d to ensure that they make a good seal
This photo shows all the port side windows dry fitted and in place
This photo shows the starboard side windows going in place and being dry fitted.
This photo shows the good fit in the cabin sides on the starboard side

The same on the port side.
This photo shows the outdrive off the boat and before the outdrive over haul as started. One of the first jobs will be to remove the transom shield off the leg unit so that the pivot pins can get removed and renewed.
This photo shows the top of the transom shield and shows the rubber block is missing and in need of renewing and also the seized povit pin which will have to be removed before any major work can be done on the outdrive leg unit
This photo shows the old anode looking a bit past it best and will be replace just before the boat gets back in the water.
This photo shows the business end of the outdrive unit which is in need of a bit of TLC .

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