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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The second week work in the run up to us exhibiting at the Essex Country Show as been busy

The week as been busy with getting things sorted for the stand we have planned for at the Essex Country Show. Making units to show items that are used in modern boat building as well as some traditional tools that are still used in building wooden boat in this modern age. We will be exhibiting our new dinghy which we are building during the show and will show people who visit our stand how a traditional clinker dinghy is built and the skill needed to make a work of art. The first part of the build is done that of making the moulds for the planks to go round. then the work of marking out the plank widths and the marking out of the planks on to dumpy planks so that these can be transfered to the boards of timber from which we cut the planks out and fit to the keel and stem and tramson.

This week so far the staff at J-Star Boat Services have made the new outer part of the stem glued it up on its jig. Then it is the turn of the inner stem of apron as it is sometimes called to be glued up on its jig and finally the stern knee to have the same treatment and be glued up on its jig.

When this is done, then the parts can then be cleaned up and fitted to the front and back of the keel/hog on the stocks and then the hard work of putting the planks on the keel/hog and then round the moulds and then build the boat up form the keel to the top plank and then to fit the ribs and then fit out the boat.

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