Sunday, 29 September 2013

Jasmine now all but completed this stage of the restoration and now it is up to the owner to finish off the paint and varnishing

This photo shows the outside of the hull as been varnished and the bottom as been sealed with underwater primer
This photo is of the starboard side after it as been given its first few coats of varnish and its first coat of underwater primer to protect the boat.
This photo is of the finished inside of the boat now with its thwart stringers in place and all of its now rThis is a photo the inside looking forward down the starboard side, now its up to the owner to finish it off and then he is coming back to get the deck renewed next year and the deck and rigging sorted out and so he can go sailing in her.enewed.
This photo looking aft and now it is ready for the owner to clean up the inside a little and paint and varnish the inside to bring it back to the same condition as the outside.
A second photo of the inside looking aft.

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