Thursday, 19 September 2013

Princess 25 refit Window gelcoat repairs and other jobs

This photo shows the areas which are going to be repaired and reinforced to stop the window surround from breaking.
This photo shows the areas coated with the first of two coats of gelcoat
 The same was done to the side window areas where the same problem was incurred where the surround was damaged
 This phot shows the first of the bits of fibreglass matting applied to strenghen the weak areas of the window surrounds which had broken
 This photo show the same thing being done to the side window surround which will then be fibreglassed again to strengthen the area the the side panelling can get put in place and the windows replaced.
 This photo is of the cockpit screen to roof trims cleaned up and having their first of six coats of varnish applied then the cockpit windscreen can then be fitted back in place and the boat will start to take shape once more.

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