Sunday, 1 September 2013

The new boat starts its life.

On Monday morning the new dinghy takes its first steps to be coming reality. It will take the form of marking out of the keel on a plank of seasoned English oak that was sourced from a local forest. Which has been seasoned for six months and is in just the correct conditon to take the shape of the keel of the new dinghy.

While this is being done the apprentice will start to build the stocks on which the boat will take shape. After this is done the apprentice will start to make patterns for the station moulds which the planks will be bend round. He will also be making the pattern for the lamiate stem as well as the pattern to make the transom and also the stern knee to support the transom on to the end of the keel.

Once the patterns are made then both myself and the apprentice will cut out the moulds from a good quality plywood and once the keel setup on the stocks with the centreboard slot cut out. Then five station moulds will be setup on the keel and the build can then start in earnest.

This new dinghy will be shown at the Essex Country show where people can see how this type of dinghy is constructed and can see the boat builder showing his skills to the people attending the show over the weekend of the 14th to the 15th of September.

The build will be photographed as it goes along on our blog page on our website under the heading daily blog and latest news. 

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