Monday, 2 September 2013

The first day of the new build of the dinghy.

This photo is of the station mould half patterns that are transfered to plywood patterns and then made into full size mould stations that will form the shape which the planks will bend round to make the hull of the dinghy.
 This photo is of the plan which sets out the thwarts and seats and centreboard case and other interior fittings
 This photo shows the mould station positions as well as the position of the slot for the centreboard.
 This photo shows the plywood patterns for the moulds
 This photo is of the mould stations on the plans
 This photo shows the measurements for thre stem and also the width of the keel and hog and the shape that they have to be on the stocks.
 This photo shows the keel being marked out on a plank of seasoned english oak .
 This photo shows the keel marked out in total in the oak plank.

This photo shows the keel just been cut out of the oak plank and ready for final cutting to shape before planning to thickness.

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