Saturday, 12 October 2013

This week has been a mixed bag of different jobs from small ones to bigger ones around the weather.

This week has been a mixture of doing what you can round the weather. Everything from delivering boats back to their owners to gluing little bits trims to doors on another boat and many things in between.

At the beginning of the week it was all change at the workshop with the turning over and putting back on the trailer of "Jasmine" and taking it back to its owner's home. So he can do the painting and varnishing on the boat over the winter.

Then it was the turn of the Enterprise to take its place where "Jasmine" was and start her restoration for the next few months. This has now been started and is well underway with the deck having been removed as well as the damaged and rotten hull panels.  So that can be worked on when the weather is against us working outside.  Other work do on the Enterprise restoration was the removing of the old varnish off the seats and thwarts and other smaller items of the boat that need sorting out while the other member of the company is doing other work on other projects.

Also this week there was a start made of the work list on Mai- Star II with the removal of the broken ribs on the port hand side and the doubling ribs. Also the removal of the damaged planks in the cockpit on the port side. So this year the main thrust of the work on the boat will be on getting the port side of the boat sorted out and getting the cabin and roof re-instated ready for the new season.

There was work done on the little Hardy Navigator "Me Time" in the way of getting it on its trailer and making up some chocks to fit the trailer so it can be transported to the workshop. Once there the long list of jobs to do on its refit list can begin. The first of which is going to be to get a cover sorted so it can keep it dry while it is being worked on.

Other work done this week was to trim the galley and toilet compartment doors so they can be have the trims varnished. Also done now are the cockpit wheelhouse trims which fix the wheelhouse roof to the new wheelhouse windows.

So next week it is going to be another mixed bag of jobs and a step closer to get all the projects to the finished condition ready for next season.

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