Monday, 7 October 2013

This photo shows "Jasmine" before it was turned over, so that it could be put back on to its trailer for its road trip back to its owners home for him to finish off the painting and varnishing over the winter months.
This photo shows "Jasmine" back on its road trailer ready to go back its owners home for him to finish off the hull over the winter, then back in the spring to have a new deck fitted.
Now that "Jasmine" is finished for the time being, it is the turn of the Enterprise to get the restoration treatment on her to bring her back to a sailing condition once more over the next few months, so she to can get sailing again.

The first job on the Enterprise is to clean up the frame work and the gunwales and replace the rotten and damaged port side gunwale with a new spruce  guwale and then replace the two top hull panels on both sides of the hull.


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