Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Down at the workshop and a list of jobs to do on the client's boats

This week it is a bit drier than last week and now we can get outside on the clients boats that are out side in their different locations around the county. Having spent the last few days doing work on their boat with small interior work that needed doing on the parts of their boat that we had in the workshop to do while the weather was aganist us working outside.

Hopefully now that we have a couple of days of dry weather we can get on with work on their boats where they are. The lists of jobs to do on the boats are very different from boat to boat and will challenge our skills to complete them and we at J-Star enjoy a challenge. Two of the main jobs at the moment are the refits of a Princess 25 and a Hardy Navigator 18 which boat need a great deal of work on to bring them both back to a good condition and ready to take to the high seas again.

As well as these two boats we have a number of smaller dingies to work on to bring them back up to serviceable condition and also to build a new dinghy over the winter. So we are presently busy which is a good sign that the industry is picking up once more. 

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