Sunday, 27 October 2013

This week is going to be busy with a number of projects being started this week.

This week is going to see a number of projects get underway and other continuing along at a slower pace. As with all boating projects some have longer deadlines than others and with limited workshop space you have to work out which to sort out first to use the available space to its best advantage.

The Hardy 18 refit will be coming along this week as will the work on the Mai-Star II now that the larch as been cut and will be delivered this week. so then the planks in the port side of the Mai-Star II can be put back in place. Once that is done then when the oak is delivered the ribs in Mai-Star II can be refitted and the hull can then be sorted and painted. Then it will be time to get to grips with the Cabin sides and roof.

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