Sunday, 3 November 2013

A busy week ahead

A busy week ahead with the Enterprise dinghy restoration coming along with the new hull panels almost completed and ready to glue and screw in place. Once that is done then the whole of the outside of the hull will be cleaned down and the old paint on the existing panels removed and the hull will be painted with International Interprotect two pack epoxy primer and then filled and faired up and then painted back to a bright white gloss.

Once that is done then the boat will be turned back over on to its keel and the new deck and front bulkhead which will take the place of the bouyant bag. Once the bulkhead is in place then the new deck will be glued and fixed down and then the slow but rewarding job of varnishing the inside and the decks can start.

While all this is going on there are a number of other projects underway for window replacements to full refits on a number of other small craft. So all in all a busy week ahead. 

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