Saturday, 23 November 2013

It has been a busy week at J-Star Boats with a number of projects progressing along

The weather has not been good over the course of the last week, but that has not stopped us from getting a number of jobs sorted out on a number of projects.

The new build has seen the transom made and glued together and now made ready to cut to size and get fitted in place so the the planking can start on the boat.

The Enterprise restoration is progessing along with the deck now all dry fitted and the front bouyant tank bulkhead now dry fitted and ready to epoxy tape and seal in place. Once that is glued in placeand the forward end of the boat is varnished and the underside of the deck gets the same treatment. Then the deck can be glued and pinned down and the rest of the deck can follow suit.
Then the boat can be put to one side until the weather gets better and the painting and varnishing can take place in the spring.

While this is being done the new build can get underway and also the major refit on the Mai-Star II can get underway and have the planks, ribs and the cabin sides and roof re-fitted and the whole boat painted and varnished and the rest of the work completed on it.

So there are a number of other project to be getting underway as well, such as the mini refit of the Hardy 18 "Me Time" as well as the Princess 25 September Morn refit as well. So there are a number of project to do over the next few months.

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