Sunday, 6 October 2013

This week will see a change in the boats that we are currently working on.

This coming week will the end of some long term projects and the begining of new projects to see us through the wnter into the spring. The work on the Enterprise dinghy restoration will be the first of the homebase projects and once that is completed then the new dinghy will be started on and to be completed for the spring season. Other works planned are a couple of Hardy Marine cruisers to work on, one is in need of some major TLC and the other is in need of some repairs following a accident in which parts of the boat were damaged and are in need of replacement and a general clean up.

As well as these project I have a narrowboat to sort out its windows and other small jobs to do before the weather turns for the winter. Also an ongoing project on a Princess 25 which is in the middle of a full restoration back to its former glory and will be back in the water for the new season next year.

While all this is going on I have a classic 1940's yacht to finish and get back into sailing condition and back afloat. So the next few months are going to be busy with projects and general work.

As with all other projects there will be a weekly update in the form of photos and text to keep you all informed of the progress of the projects.

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