Monday, 1 April 2019

The Hardy 25 Cockpit re-build work begins

The first job is to get all the wiring that as to go in the roof area above the headlining panels put in position so that the panels go up once and then stay in position.

Some of the wiring goes along the sides while others go to the front and into the middle of roof space

The upper instrument console in position and having the instruments wired up and tested. 

Battery and charger locker now finished and the battery powered up so that the engine and instruments can be tested and checked

The heater locker almost finished it just needs carpet linings glued to the cockpit sides and the last of the insulation fitted and the heater refitted and powered up and checked 

New deck socket needed to finish off this job and the wind speed instrument wiring pulled through

A new horn is needed as this horn is U/S

This light will need to be changed for a light that is correct for its use as this one is going to light up the sky and not show its light over the aft end of the boat.

A new VHF ariel is needed as the old one is missing 

This area under the cockpit sole needs to have two two-way valves fitted, one for the toilet holding tank and the other for the two bilge areas, then the echo sounder transducer fitted in the hull on the port side of this area.

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