Friday, 29 March 2019

Another busy week down at the boatyard and in the workshop

Work is now underway on the Hardy 25 with the cockpit refit well underway and the rest of the boat getting underway next week 

Now that other projects are now finished the Mai-Star II refit can get underway with one of the apprentices getting to grips with the deck beams and other repairs needed to be done on this Classic sailing yacht.

This small motor launch is now finished and over the weekend will be going back to its owner so he can use it on the local rivers

Another new project boat has come to the boatyard to be worked on and get restored back to its former glory and back on the water where she belongs

The Morgan Giles 30 now sanded down on the starboard side and now just the port side to do and then it can be left to dry out and then it can get Gel Shielded as part of its refit.

Next week there will be a start made on the Mai-Star Class dinghy to get it finished off and on the water and also the GRP dinghy will be started to be moulded.

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