Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Good progress on the Morgan Giles 30

Over the past couple of days it as been possible to get the deck off the hull and clean the joint between the two halves and remove the old hard sealant which was between the two halves.Now that the sealant is removed and the joint as been sanded and new fixing holes have been drilled and countersunk for the new bolts it is time to bolt the two halves back together on a non hardening sealant which will move with the movement of the yacht and stay sealed.

Once this job is finished the inside of the yacht can start to go back together with the new bulkheads and chain plates going in first along with the other smaller bulkheads that were find to be rotten in the cockpit locker area which will have to be put back in before any work can be done in the aft end of the yacht and in the cockpit area at all.

So there is a long way to go to get the first of the refit sorted, but with patience and experience the job will come together in a good order.  

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