Monday, 29 April 2019

The chain locker finished off and the work in the cockpit carpeting and the hanbd rails getting a good rubbing down ready to be oiled

The chain locker now flow coated on both sides,so it is now ready to carpet the inside of the cabin and start the refitting of the interior 

Just got to drill the drain hole in the bottom of the locker to let the water out of the locker

The manual bilge pump diverter now installed so that the engine bay and the lower bilge can be pumped out with the same bilge pump in the port aft locker

The first piece of carpet lining glued to the side of the cockpit on the port side and now the heater can be fixed in position and piped and wired up 

The starboard side carpeted as well and the fiddle rail can be screwed back in position and so can the engine control panel,then the steering pipes can be run through to the stern and connected to the steering ram.

Both sets of roof hand rails getting a good rub down ready to be oiled with teak oil once they are sanded down to a natural colour.

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