Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Weighting anchor and sorting out the masthead light mast wiring and removing the cabin bulkheads

At last got the anchor locker bulkhead glassed in and flow coated and so the anchor can be stowed back where in belongs in the stemhead bow roller fitting  

A well thought out stemhead fitting for a anchor 

All the chain back in the locker and out of the way, the only thing it needs in about a 100 ft of warp on the end of the chain to give it a good cruising ground range as specially where this boat is going to be cruising.  

The steaming light mast is now wired up correctly for its light fitting and just needs the deck gland wiring up and sealing down to finish that part of the job off and then thecockpit roof lining panels can go back up in position 

The hull and superstructure are now in need of a good cleaning down and the  new rope fender fitting back in position to finish off the hull and make it look more like the Hardy 25 it is.

The removable cabin bulkheads now out of the cabin so that the cabin carpet linings can be glued in position and after these bulkheads have been sanded back and re-varnished they can go back in position and the rest of the interior can go back together.

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