Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Mai-Star Class dinghy centreboard build

Sorting out the two halves of the centreboard case so I can line up where to put the biscuit joints  to make up the total height of the case.

From the build plans the shape and size of the case when it is in the dinghy once it is glued and nailed together and the inside is painted with epoxy to seal the surface of the centreboard for the life of the centreboard case.

Reshaping an old centreboard from another dinghy which was no longer needed so it was reshaped  to make the centreboard fro this dinghy 

All dry fitted and ready to be taken apart and ready to glue together

The centreboard slot in the dinghy ready to fit the centreboard in with bronze wood screws in the traditional method of fitting centreboard case on a good bed of sealant and caulking cotton. 

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