Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Speed boat repairs coming along since it came to the yard with holes in the bottom

The rotten sections were cut out of the bottom

New framework was fitted and glassed in with epoxy resin and inter-roving matt  

This was repeated on both sides before the new hull skins were made and glued and fixed in position

New section of transom were made and glued and fixed into position to strengthen up the whole of the aft section of the hull

Once the framework was glued and fixed into position the skin was cut back to give the new sections of marine plywood some place to get fixed and glued into position

The first of the new sections of hull panelling going into position 

Then the second part being dry fitted before final fixing and gluing into position 

The second layer of plywood going into position and then getting glued into position

Then repeated on the other side

Once in position epoxy resin over the whole section before sanding and filling and fairing 

Then the first coat of underwater primer and then filling and fairing between each coat

Masking off the upper part of the hull which will be filled and faired and spray after the bottom is finished and the boast is turned back over on to its trailer

Now that is all done it is the turn of the undercoat layers before the hull is finished with several coats of Med White Marine Gloss 

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