Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Cutting out the second port side main bulkhead and filling in the area of the foredeck that was lower than the rest

The pattern in position and having the measurements taken off the edges so that the new bullhead can be fitted in the correct position  

Having transferred the measurements off the pattern on to the piece of marine plywood then cut the edges to near the marks to aid final fitting once itis in position in the boat 

Then bulkhead now in the cabin ready to be put in position and final fitting before glassing in to position 

The foredeck area getting filled up with CSM three layers at a time until it is close to the surface of the surrounding area then the edge of the area will be grown away to let the last few layers glass on to the surrounding area to bond the two areas together 

Cutting more CSM to fill up the central area before the last two layer are glassed in to bond the whole area together and then the whole area will be gelcoated over to make the area look like the rest of the foredeck 

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