Monday, 11 November 2019

Continuing work on the Morgan Giles 30

Now that the work on the foredeck is about to start it was time to put some light in the forecabin so that I could see the amount of work needed to be done on the underside of the foredeck to reinforce the area which before had a rotten piece of plywood in and which now will be reinforced with several layers of fibreglass before the foredeck is re-profiled  back to its original shape and camber

Sticking heavy duty tape to hold the filler placed in the old holes in the sunken area of the foredeck before the whole area start to get its new layers of fibreglass back up to its original height 

The area now filled with filler and now just needs sanding down when it is cured and then the first layers of fibreglass can be laid in the sunken area to get it back to the correct depth.

Stating to fit the pattern panel to be able to mark round the outer edge to make up the correct size of the bulkhead. This bulkhead will have to go in two sections as the distance between the mast post and the side of yacht is more than four foot which is the width of the marine plywood.

Now clamped into position it is time to mark round the edges to make the new bulkhead.

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