Wednesday, 13 June 2018

cockpit works underway

all the woodwork that has been put into the cockpit over the years is now removed apart from the locker fronts which are using to be left in place and used to determine the size of the locker tops  

The old heater ducting removed to gain access to items under the cockpit sole and will be going back in once all the work under the cockpit sole is finished

Removed the old steering pipes as these are no longer any good as the Autopilot as been removed and the pipe run will now go directly to the steering ram at the back of the boat.

At last the panel as got the last of the old instruments removed and now have to work out how best to fit the new instruments to the dashboard and make an upper dashboard to fit the extra instrument into a pod on the top of the dashboard. 

The starter motor terminal felt off as it had not been fitted correctly 

This is the other end and terminal is just about fixed on, but would not take much for it too to fall off like the other end.

Let the rebuild being after finishing the fixing of the rope fender rubbing strake.

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