Sunday, 24 June 2018

Sone of the major jobs underway this week

The decks on this 45 year old Finesse which is getting a complete re-decking and modifitying the sub deck configation with the area between the planks and the gunwale being filled in to give the marine plywood deck edge a stable edge to fix to and so the deck and the rubbing strake when it is fixed in position will be a non moving joint which in the past as been a source of past leaks. Also a king plank to be fitted between the samsom post and the stem and between the samsom post and the cabin front deck beam to strengthen the deck and to brace the samsom post from pressures on it from the bowspirt and when anchoring.  

The shower tray mould is well underway with a coat of epoxy over the plug which will be sanded back to leave a smooth finish to be able to apply the black gelcoat to finish off the plug, so that it can be used to make the mould for the custom shower tray for this Hardy 25.

Other work on the Hardy 25 as been the replacement of the toilet discharge skin fitting with a new improved model of skin fitting that is able to be grease while it is still together. This is a great improvement on the old design of the same fitting which needed to be stripped down to be serviced. 

Another job as been to set out the instruments in the cockpit and around the Helm position to ensure the instruments can all be used and are easy to opreate whatever the condtions the boat is going to be used in while at sea.

Next wek is going to be another busy week with a lot of work on the Hardy 25 being done and also the decks of the Finesse 24 getting underway and being started to be covered with it's lay of 6mm marine plywood before having it's second layer of 6 mm marine plywood fitted later in the week.

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