Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Working under the cockpit sole, the work that it not seen when the boat is done.

One of the more unpleasant jobs when working under the cockpit sole, removing the old toilet pipework especially the toilet discharge pipes.     

Removing the seacock for the discharge pipe, the old seacock was seized in the off position so it could not be used, so it was removed to be replaced with a more update model which can be greased to keep it from getting seized  

The old depth and log transducers so the new transducers can now be fitted close to the end of the refit.

This bilge pump is fitted in a position where it is not going to be of any use as by the time the level gets this height the bilge pump will not be able to pump water out fast enough to keep the boat afloat so this arrangement will have to be re-position  to make it useable

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