Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Engine repairs by J-Star Boat Services Marine Engineering team

A Beta marine 13.5 hp diesel inboard in the workshop for a new heat exchanger as the old heat exchanger  front end plate was leaking and could not maintain a seal between the end plate and the body of the heat exchanger

So it was time to remove the faulty part from the engine after the engine had been removed from its yacht. the reason it could not removed in situ as there was not room to slide the heat exchanger off its stubs.

First job was to remove the v belt off the front of the engine so that the alterntor can swing out of position so that the heat exchanger can slide off its stubs  

The old heat exchanger off its stubs 

even new bits come with their own imperfections, this one being a bit of weld keeping the heat exchanger from sitting correctly on the engine block making it impossible to seal when bolted down in place

One of the engine feet was rusted away so could not be adjusted which when you are alining the engine is not good.

The New heat exchanger now in place and the engine just needs its oil and fuel filters and oil changing and it can go back in its yacht.

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