Friday, 13 April 2018

A busy end to the week down at the boatyard and the workshop

The end of the week saw a few boat movements, which included getting an old harbour launch back to the yard to be broken up as it had come to its end of its life as a sea worthy boat. However, it is going to be used in a garden as garden furniture. So it will live on in a different place other than the high seas.

Another job that was put off until the end of the week was removing the fuel tank out of a motor cruiser we have in for a refit. The tank had a n amount of fuel in it which when it was removed was find to be contaminated with a black jelly like material. So next week got the  not very nice job of steam cleaning the tank out and deep cleaning the tank to get rid of any material in the tank that will cause it to return in the future.

During the week the engineering team  turned their hand to serving the brake system on a client's trailer. When it was stripped down it was found that the trailer had no brakes inside the drums and the activation levers that operate the brake shoes was a seized pile of rust which had to be brought back to life with a good bathe in diesel over night before going about freeing up the lever. After that it was the turn of the brake drum to get the treatment of cleaning off the beariing surfaces of the brake drums to ensure that the brakes when applied were going to work as they should.

The engineering team had to servie a small motor from a client's yacht that had a fault on the heat erxchanger that needed the part replacing and a full engine from top to bottom with all the filters and oils renewing as well as the v belt and one of the engine mount which had turned to a rusted unadjustable mount.

The other motor boat in the workshop is getting a few more bits added to the list of job, however, it should be finished by the end of next week and be out on the water the following week with its new owner ready for the coming sailing season. So allin all it as been a busy week and there are more to comning over the next few week.

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