Friday, 6 April 2018

Hardy 25 refit, So let the work begin

The first major job to be done is to remove the chain locker bulkhead and replace the bulkhead with a new bulkhead.

The damage to the bulkhead is on the chain locker side where the plywood as been damaged from repeat inpacks from a large mud weight while it was used on the Norfolk Broads and has over time broken the plywood down until it started to leak. 

Now that all the cushions and berth top boards have been removed the extent of the job is easier to assess. The only odd thing is the bags of sand around the water tank and the water containers in the front of the boat.

The first sight of the job ahead to fit a custom shower tray in the area ahead of the toilet. A bit of brain storming ahead

A bit of a leak on the port middle window.

Brain storming will be well be needed here to make the best of the available space, first thing to strip out the whole area and made make it into a shower and toilet compartment.

Bird;s nest soup of wiring which over the years has been added too and never sorted out. This will be one of the first job for the Electronics team to sort out next week

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