Sunday, 8 April 2018

One of the first jobs this coming week, is to sort out this birds nest of wires and make it safe to use in the future

Like a lot boat that over the years as equipment fitted to it, there is no time taken to remove old wiring and instruments that are no longer working or are outdated by new equipment. So it is time to take the bull by the horns and sort this mess out and get it up to a strandard that is fit for working in a modern boat.  

The first job will be to sort out the 240 volt system from the 12 volt system and make it safe to use. Firstly by putting the batteries in a battery box that is vented.

Change the 240 volt system so it is up to date and safe to use.

The main job is going to be sorting out the locker into a better designed area with all the services to hand a easy to use.

Sort out the 240 volt sockets around the boat and put them in areas where they are not exposed to the elements

Sort out the engine bay electrics  so it is not just at run of odd wires going in all directions 

Also take out equipment that is not being used or is outdated that there are no spares available for them.

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