Saturday, 28 April 2018

Another busy week down at the yard and workshop

This week we saw the Shetland Black Hawk finished off and going on her sea trials to see that all the improvements had paid off and if there were any other work to be done to sort out any problems that were highlighted during the sea trials. Thankfully apart from a need to ballast the bow of the boat to help with the trim when at full speed the trials when well and the boat preformed well. At the end of the sea trials the owner took the boat back to his home to do the ballasting and after this is done we will go out and see if the amount of ballast needs increasing or decreasing accordingly to get the trim correct for the boat.

With the Shetland Black Hawk out of the workshop it was time to bring this old end of life boat into the workshop to strip the last of its fittings off and then cut the boat up to make garden furniture.

Then is was the turn of this fuel tank to be cleaned on the inside.

The fuel tank came up well and was as clean as it was when it was made and reay to go back in the boat as soon as the other work in the cockpit of the boat it came out of is finished and this will then be put back in it position and re-connected up to the fuel system.

This boat as just arrived and is in need of a bit of TLC, especially in the engine department and a repair to the side of the boat where it was holed by its owner.

While doing this work the mobile team have been out and about working on another Hardy 25 which was in need of a full engine service and length of rubbing strake renewing and larger scuppers making in the back of the boat to drain the cockpit easier. Then it as just got to get its new rope fender fitted back on and the boat can go afloat and the engineering team can run up the engine and ensure the engine is running correctly and will be ready for the sailing season.

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