Saturday, 21 April 2018

It has been a busy week down at the yard and on the road

This week the owner of one of the boat's in the yard paid me a visit from the south west part of the country to discuss work on his boat and the list of work to be done. He took the cushion from the boat to get done near to his own area and so giving me more room in the workshop for other work.

Another owner came down to give me a few bits to finish off his boat which was finished off this morning with the steering getting sorted out on the boat with a change in position of the steering cable and a change in the way the steering was run through the boat and on the outboard motor end as well.

An old motor launch was picked up from another boatyard to be cut up to make garden furniture for its owner.

Also this week the engineering team refitted an engine in a yacht the team were working on so that the new owner can sail it back to his home port over the next few weeks after he is more familar with his new yacht and feels happy to sail it home with his crew.

Also while out and about the engineering team had to service an engine which was in a boat that would normally be easy enough, however the engine was fitted into the boat with the engine in the boat with the front of the engine facing far not forward as would be the norm. So it made fro interesting changing of parts which would otherwise easy a bit more difficult to do. It is not the first one that the team have come across and i am sure will not be the last. The same it true of the boat we have in the yard at the moment as it is one of this boats sister ship with the same engine setup..

While this as been going on there as also been time to put a few things around yard in better places and sort out the stock laying around the yard and put them in a more origainsed pattern for all the employees know where to go to get tools and stock from and not to waste time looking for things.

While out and about working one of our client's boats we had to remove a section of rubbing strake which I fitted 31 year ago while I work at the boatyard where the boat was orginally build and the only reason it was being replaced was it had been damage while it was ashore during the winter, so it was an easy job to replace as I still had some of the section profit laying around the yard from another one of these boats I had worked on in the past.

So next week it is going to be as busy if not more as the owners start to want their boats and yachts afloat and back in commission for the sailing serason.

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