Sunday, 6 January 2013

The refit list never appears to get any shorter.

It is that time of year that christmas is becoming distance memory and your mind is turn to making a start on the boat's refit list of jobs. Like all good owners, I make a list of jobs that need to be done to the boat at this time. It appears as if like magic, that the list as not got shorter the longer you own your boat. This especially true if you own a classic wooden yacht like I do. Things wear out or get broken, or you do something during the season which you want to use next season, so you add it to the list.

Many of the jobs on the list are ones that you have to do each year and that is what they say in the joy of owning an old classic yacht. However, this year there are a major couple of jobs to do which involve making a new cabin sides, beams and coachroof and a lot of painting and varnishing and not to put to finer point on it a bit of money. The old cabin as servied well for 75 years and is looking a bit tired and it is time to have a new one and stop the leaks that have been a pain over the past year.

So it now time to go to the boatyard and make a start on trying to make the never shorten list a little shorter if possible. I live in hope that one day it will get shorter.

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