Friday, 11 January 2013

So the winter re-fit has started

Yesterday the re-fit started, The first job was to construct a ridge pole to go the length of the boat to which to support the winter cover. This was to ensure the the weather was kept out of the wood work and would give it a chance to dry out and also give me a chance to do some of the work inside while the weather is foul outside and made it difficult to work on the cabin sides.

Once the cover which put over the framework, then I started to lift the floorboards, and locker lids to let the inside the boat dry out. However, before I could do that, I had to empty the remaining bilge water out of the bilges. There was a about 6 litres of water, so that job did not take to long to complete.

With that done, the next job to do today is to wash the sides of the hull and underdeck areas that have got dirty over the season and need a good clean, before putting in place the heaters in the boat to keep it dry throughout the winter. If the weather is not to bad then make a start on the rebuild of the cabin sides and coachroof as this has seen better days and is a source of the leaks into the cabin that been a pest all last season.

There will be photos posted as I go along with this project in due course.

Today I started on removing the cabin sides panels that fixed the cabin side to the deck, Then removed the hand rails and the hatch runners and the portholes so that there will be little left in the way to remove when the roof is removed along with the old deck beams. This will be interesting as it as been in place for the best part of 70+ years. Ia lot of blood sweat and tears before this comes apart I think. But only time will tell.


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