Monday, 7 January 2013

January is a time for planning the re-fit.

January is as a rule a low point in the boating calender, as the boat is out of the water and under its winter covers. While that is happening, you should be planning how to get your re-fit list sorted out and which jobs to do first. Namely the inside jobs on the boat that are not in the hands of the weather.

Also it is a time to go to the boat show and see if there is anything that you think would help do your re-fit, or that may improve the boat when it is back in the water come Easter, or whenever you get your boat afloat again.

I know from my own boat that there is always a list of jobs to get on with inside. The first one I have to do, which is the most un-enjoyable is to wash the inside of the boat from stem to stern and clear the bilges and get them dry, so that in the spring it can be painted, if necessary. Then look around at the bunks and bulkheads and do repairs or mods or replace fittings with new ones if the old are worm out or broken.

This part of the list take me through until at least the middle of Febuary. Then by then the weather is better and you should be able to make a start on the outside.  

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