Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The new build as taken its first steps.

On Tuesday the 15th of January the first steps towards get the new boat built were taken. I contacted a boat designer that as designed a number of boats that I had worked on before and like his designs.

I will be building will be a one based on one of his designs, but a little different in length to fit into what I need for the boat. The new boat will be build using traditonal methods, namely it will be build using the clinker method of construction. A method that dates back to Viking times when their vessels were build using this method of construction.

The only difference will be that I will be using modern tools to construct it, while the methods of construction will not be much different to the method used in those days. The only main difference will be that it will be held together with copper nails and bronze screws.

One thing that is going to happen this year is that I hope to showcase it at local conuty shows to show that this type of boat is still build in the area and that if people wish to buy one they know that there is a boat builder in the region who is still building this type of boat.

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