Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Jobs to do in the workshop.

Now that the weather as taken a turn for the worse, it is now time to start work in the workshop and get the jobs done that can be done with out going to the boat.

This year it is time to modify bits of the boat that either have wore out or have not worked out as well as hoped they would. In my case it has been the hatch way runners that have at last taken up after 74 years of service and the other bit is the bunk tops that need changing so as to make more storage space under the bunk, which on a smaller boat is always a need that in many case is a not ending job.

Another job to do in the workshop is to make a chart table, so that I do not have to use the chart on my lap while sailing. This is one job that will be very helpful when I go sailing in the spring.

As with all older boats there are a number of maintenance jobs that need doing every year. The one I am looking forward to is working with leather. I have to re-leather the gaff and also re-leather the bowsprit where it goes through the gammon iron on the top of the stem as this has given up the ghost at long last and needs replacing.

This year I have to also take a length of planking out as it is looking a bit worse for wear and is one of the things that my boat checks highlighted when it came out of the water in December. Apart from that the hull is fairly ok apart from needing a good sanding down and a bit of filling and fairing before going back in the water the week after Easter.


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