Saturday, 5 January 2013

Building a new dinghy for myself

Building a new dinghy for myself has for a long time challenge for me. As most of the time it is that I have been repairing over building boats for other people. So this next year, I am going to build a small dinghy to be the tender for my yacht. The stop was to find a designer of small dinghies that I like the look of and that would fit my needs.
Then what construction to build it in, then what material to build it out of. The construction that I have decided to build it in is the method of construction that I learned to build boats out of when I started boat building back in the late 1970's. The method of construction is clinker, the method of construction as been around since the Viking period and as stood the test of time. the material I have decided on is larch which is a good wood to use as it is flexible and tough and ideal for dinghy building and will last for years.
This is my first note of many more to come over the next few months.

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